About The Go Bonkers Team

At 13 years old, Brandon Kroeger became a professional entertainer with his Mom, Joan.  Together they were Bonkers & Mama B!  Now, 6 years later they are known as the "Go Bonkers Team" and they twist balloons into magical creations "wowing" people wherever they go! 

Brandon is a 22 year old award winning entertainer from Surrey, BC.  He has been runner up two years in a row for Student Entrepreneur of the Year with the Surrey Board of Trade.  His balloon creations are so complex that audiences stand in amazement watching this young entrepreneur! 

 Brandon ready for another event!

Since becoming a professional entertainer in November of 2005, Brandon, along with his balloon twisting buddy, Joan, has worked at hundreds of events - Fortis BC, 2010 Olympics, Mainland Sand & Gravel, Unifuller, Price Smart Foods, Zellers, Aberdeen Shopping Mall as well as birthday parties, Christmas parties, corporate events, special promotions, fundraisers, carnivals and community events, including an event for Prime Minister Stephen Harper!

Brandon & Joan with Prime Minister Stephen Harper Joan at block party

Joan Kroeger, Brandon's Mom and balloon-twisting buddy is part of the Go Bonkers Team - she works at all his events creating a unique competition for Brandon and the art of balloon making!  She makes the same amazing balloons with that "wow" factor - giving you 2 entertainers for the price of 1!

Give us a call at 778-989-3034 or send us an email to arrange the Go Bonkers Team for your next event!